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This is a simple, 3-step tool to convert your contact details in excel / spreadsheet to vCard (3.0) format. Supported formats are: xls, xlsx and csv. This format is most suitable for importing contacts in mobile devices. Must Watch video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn7ROzt9YRA. To import contacts in MS Outlook, you need to split this vcf file. For that purpose, use our Free VCF Splitter. If you wish to convert contacts in VCF to excel or CSV, use our VCF to Excel/CSV free online Converter.

Steps to use this tool:
1. Upload Excel/csv file to convert.
2. Select first row,column and last row,column as per data in you sheet.
3. Select which column contains what data. Example, which column contains name? which contains numbers? and so on. And input your email address. Done.
4. You will receive demo vcf file in your email address, containing your few contacts. If you are satisfied, you can make very small payment to receive full vcf file with all contacts. Now updated to work with iOS Apple devices

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